Democrat State Representative for District 13

I’m a Democratic Candidate running for House Representative because I believe in amplifying your voice and realizing your vision for a better future in our state.

Meet Democratic Candidate Teresa Garcia

Hi! My name is Teresa Garcia, I’m a dedicated bilingual Democrat candidate for House Representative District 13. A first-generation Mexican Indigenous graduate from the University of New Mexico, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. As the daughter of an immigrant and a Vietnam Air Force Veteran, I understand the pressing need to advocate for resources our hardworking community deserves.

I come into this race as a concerned constituent and resident of the South West Mesa  for over 13 years. It is time to fight for the resources we need, including fully funded education, equitable living wage jobs, accessible healthcare, infrastructure improvements, social services and continue advocating for women’s rights. Additionally, I am committed to prioritizing immigration reform to keep families together and advocating for our veterans who have bravely served our country.

As a resident of District 13 for well over 13 years my journey is marked by resilience and commitment to positive change, having left a successful pharmaceutical career to champion community welfare and raise awareness about domestic violence issues. I have extensive involvement in various local and statewide organizations dedicated to supporting survivors. Currently chairing the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Commission for the City of Albuquerque, I bring valuable experience in coalition work and communication. Driven by a genuine commitment to driving positive change, I am dedicated to bringing a new vision, your vision and a new voice, your voice for a better future for New Mexico.

House District 13 Priorities

Crime Reform

Advocating for crime reform that holds violent offenders accountable while implementing effective diversion programs for non-violent offenders. By implementing effective strategies, we can ensure justice is served while also promoting rehabilitation and reducing recidivism rates resulting in safer community for District 13. 


As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I understand firsthand the challenges faced by our veterans. My personal journey advocating for my father's recognition and disability rating fuels my commitment to ensuring all veterans receive the resources and support they deserve for their brave service to our country. If elected as your House Representative for District 13, I will continue to fight tirelessly for the well-being and rights of our veterans. 


As a parent of two children in Albuquerque public schools, I'm dedicated to ensuring their success and that of all students. This means advocating for equal access to quality education for every student, raising teachers' salaries to attract and retain qualified educators, and investing in vocational training to provide high schoolers with opportunities for lifelong careers in New Mexico's skilled trades. 


Prioritizing infrastructure improvements like upgrading roads and utilities, while also addressing the digital divide by expanding broadband access. Additionally, I support small businesses through tax incentives and low-interest loans, and prioritize workforce solutions by promoting trades and tech education in schools to create more opportunities for our youth and make New Mexico a more business-friendly state.


Advocates for accessible healthcare, aiming to ensure residents and small businesses are informed about affordable benefits. Additionally, they support expanding Medicare to cover mental health services and preventive care, addressing the opioid epidemic, and safeguarding a woman's right to choose.


I am committed to advocating for immigration reform, drawing from my personal experience as the daughter of an immigrant, I firmly believe in affording immigrants and their families the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our communities.


I firmly believe in the fundamental principle of equality and inclusivity for all members of our community, including LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. It is essential that we recognize and affirm the rights and dignity of every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.